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Local Business Partners

 Business Funding 

 Flexible funds to fit your needs 


Our business funding programs can have money in your bank in as little as 24 hours.


A business capital approval is based on business performance rather than personal credit, time in business or financials.


Delivering guidance and capital through a simple, transparent, and seamless process


Working capital helps small business owners meet daily operational expenses, like payroll and purchasing additional goods or materials. These short-term advances can help stabilize cash flow and meet immediate business needs.

Small business working capital advances are great for all sorts of businesses with revenue. Obtaining funds are ideal for business owners who need flexible, short-term funding without the hassle. With shorter payment periods and flexible usage, Redstone's working capital services provide speed, simplicity, and versatility to meet the funding needs of small businesses. Funds are automatically deposited into your business bank account with repayments already set up, so you can focus on running your company.

Same day approval and funding.


In short, a Merchant Cash Advance is when Redstone Advance provides you with a lump sum of financing in exchange for a percentage of your business’s future sales at an agreed rate. That means you will receive the funding you need now, and we’ll receive a percentage of your sales until the amount of sales we have purchased has been received.

Our Funding Specialists will work together with you to create a deal that will help you jumpstart your business without maxing out your cash flow. Business owners averaging a minimum of $10,000 per month in sales over the last three months typically qualify for an MCA equal to 70-110% in funding for their business. We fund anywhere from $10,000 to 5 Million in 24-48 hours.

Max Advance Size

Up to $5,000,000

Fast Approvals

From our in-house underwriters

Low Rates

As low as 1.15

Automatic Paymants

Daily or Weekly

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